Sriracha CHICKEN Nuggets Recipe (Healthy)

If you like Sriracha then these Sriracha Chicken Nuggets are going to blow your taste buds away (in a good way)! One of my favorite healthy recipes. The Prot…
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  • The Protein Chef 10 months ago

    #srirachaoneverything #sriracharecipes #healthyrecipes 

  • GirlsLiftToo 10 months ago

    I make something similar at home. Quick tip:its quicker to coat all of the
    chicken by putting the dry ingredients into a ziplock bag and the throwing
    the chicken in it and shaking it around….rather than coat one piece one
    by one. 

  • Thomas Maiocco 10 months ago

    These look delicious. Definitely have to give them a shot.

  • FitAnge S 10 months ago

    I could smash a few of those down in a sitting lol. Sriracha is fantastic
    on anything and I put on everything :) I don’t do cheese Derek but you
    don’t need it really do you?

  • Briiiiiian 10 months ago

    Damn that looks appetizing.

    The nuggets too!

  • AHeroAlmost 10 months ago

    Great recipe will definitely give it a go! 

  • ExactFitness 10 months ago

    Looks awesome man! Keep it up

  • Jordan Woods 10 months ago

    This looks delicious! Youre the best protein chef lol

  • Sheldon Farley 10 months ago

    me and my gf made these last week and they were AWESOME. keep up the great
    recipes derek!

  • Jeff Harlan 10 months ago

    Dude these nuggets are better then gold!! I had some mix left over and some
    raw shrimp so I did those as well. This is going to be my go to chicken for
    Thanks again!!!

  • Sinead Mc 10 months ago

    You absolutely rule Derek, thank you for all the hard work!!! Keep it up!!!

  • Brockway Babe 10 months ago

    Another great recipe, does your dog ever get to taste test?
    My black lab we have nick named ‘Hoover’ because crumbs never last long on
    our kitchen floor- Great video, thanks for sharing:)

  • DjangoEX 10 months ago

    After watching all the sriracha videos i decided to go out and buy
    some.DAMN IS IT GOOD.

  • Steve Richardson 10 months ago

    Looks great as always!

  • Champ59 10 months ago

    Looks good

  • Harjawaldar 10 months ago

    Maan, you need to change your name from protein to sriracha chef:P

  • Gonna make ‘em right now :)

  • rexrox1337 10 months ago

    I would really appreciate if yoi took the time to convert the measurements
    into european measuremens. Liters, gram and celcius! Love the videos keep
    making them!

  • Andrew Power 10 months ago

    Awesome video! Will make these for sure!

  • Zachary Malone 10 months ago

    Bro, youre looking thick as a mug! Keep up that lifting regimen and share
    the knowledge! 

  • Matt Bank 10 months ago

    No mayo okay?
    I hate everything mayo even that miracle whip stuff

  • MidgetToss 10 months ago

    Made these the other day and they’re amazing. Possibly the best of your
    recipes that I’ve made, in my opinion.

  • Daryl Bennett 10 months ago

    Defrosting my chicken and buying Sriricha now!

  • Jose Luis 10 months ago

    delicious!! Great Job

  • LANDOPERK 10 months ago

    Ha! I wasn’t really watching the video as it was running in the background
    but I heard “parmesan graded cheese” and I thought to myself – “what kind
    of weird cheese is that? Is it some kind of cheese that is using a new
    scale system? ‘On a scale from chedder to asieogo, this cheese rates about
    a parmesan.'”

    I need more coffee