Sriracha CHICKEN Nuggets Recipe (Healthy)
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If you like Sriracha then these Sriracha Chicken Nuggets are going to blow your taste buds away (in a good way)! One of my favorite healthy recipes. The Prot…
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Sriracha CHICKEN Nuggets Recipe (Healthy)

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  • The Protein Chef 3 years ago

    #srirachaoneverything #sriracharecipes #healthyrecipes 

  • GirlsLiftToo 3 years ago

    I make something similar at home. Quick tip:its quicker to coat all of the
    chicken by putting the dry ingredients into a ziplock bag and the throwing
    the chicken in it and shaking it around….rather than coat one piece one
    by one. 

  • Thomas Maiocco 3 years ago

    These look delicious. Definitely have to give them a shot.

  • FitAnge S 3 years ago

    I could smash a few of those down in a sitting lol. Sriracha is fantastic
    on anything and I put on everything :) I don’t do cheese Derek but you
    don’t need it really do you?

  • Briiiiiian 3 years ago

    Damn that looks appetizing.

    The nuggets too!

  • AHeroAlmost 3 years ago

    Great recipe will definitely give it a go! 

  • ExactFitness 3 years ago

    Looks awesome man! Keep it up

  • Jordan Woods 3 years ago

    This looks delicious! Youre the best protein chef lol

  • Sheldon Farley 3 years ago

    me and my gf made these last week and they were AWESOME. keep up the great
    recipes derek!

  • Jeff Harlan 3 years ago

    Dude these nuggets are better then gold!! I had some mix left over and some
    raw shrimp so I did those as well. This is going to be my go to chicken for
    Thanks again!!!

  • Sinead Mc 3 years ago

    You absolutely rule Derek, thank you for all the hard work!!! Keep it up!!!

  • Brockway Babe 3 years ago

    Another great recipe, does your dog ever get to taste test?
    My black lab we have nick named ‘Hoover’ because crumbs never last long on
    our kitchen floor- Great video, thanks for sharing:)

  • DjangoEX 3 years ago

    After watching all the sriracha videos i decided to go out and buy
    some.DAMN IS IT GOOD.

  • Steve Richardson 3 years ago

    Looks great as always!

  • Champ59 3 years ago

    Looks good

  • Harjawaldar 3 years ago

    Maan, you need to change your name from protein to sriracha chef:P

  • jr123 3 years ago

    Gonna make ’em right now :)

  • rexrox1337 3 years ago

    I would really appreciate if yoi took the time to convert the measurements
    into european measuremens. Liters, gram and celcius! Love the videos keep
    making them!

  • Andrew Power 3 years ago

    Awesome video! Will make these for sure!

  • Zachary Malone 3 years ago

    Bro, youre looking thick as a mug! Keep up that lifting regimen and share
    the knowledge! 

  • Matt Bank 3 years ago

    No mayo okay?
    I hate everything mayo even that miracle whip stuff

  • MidgetToss 3 years ago

    Made these the other day and they’re amazing. Possibly the best of your
    recipes that I’ve made, in my opinion.

  • Daryl Bennett 3 years ago

    Defrosting my chicken and buying Sriricha now!

  • Jose Luis 3 years ago

    delicious!! Great Job

  • LANDOPERK 3 years ago

    Ha! I wasn’t really watching the video as it was running in the background
    but I heard “parmesan graded cheese” and I thought to myself – “what kind
    of weird cheese is that? Is it some kind of cheese that is using a new
    scale system? ‘On a scale from chedder to asieogo, this cheese rates about
    a parmesan.'”

    I need more coffee